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PART ONE: 17 Open Hand Postures (1-17)

PART TWO: 17 Wandwork Postures (18-34)

PART THREE: Footwork



The 34 Exercises consist of selected "Tai Chi", "Qigong" and "Wandwork" postures that are easy to learn and follow. The routine was especially designed for group classes run by Herts Sports Partnership, Three Rivers District Council and schemes such as "Active 4 Life" exercise referral scheme in which GP surgeries, district nurses, physios and nutritionists refer patients with certain medical conditions to suitable activities.

The two important questions for any exercise program are, "Does it work" and "Is it safe?" The 34 Exercises pass with flying colours.


To maximise exercise benefits and minimise expenditure of time and energy.


Breathing, circulation, posture-opening range of movement, balance and coordination.

Developing fluidity of movement

Maintaining structural alignment

The Class does NOT include:


Tai Chi / Exercise Tai Chi

A therapeutic exercise developed in the early /mid 20th century from a training exercise of the martial art Tai Chi Chuan.

Qi Gong

Ancient Chinese breathing exercises.


A Chinese therapeutic method of Qigong using a bamboo pole that aids circulation and posture.

The purpose of these instructions

To codify and provide transparency for the movements, philosophy and techniques used in the classes.

To aid the students memory.

To help students practice at home.

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