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Wandwork Postures (18-34)

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18 Sunrise & Sunset

19 Peeling the Octopus

20 Circle the Shoulders

21 Rising up the Mountain

22 Carry the Wand to the Moon

23 Lifting the Oar

24 Rowing in the Clouds

25 Paddle through the Narrow Stream

26 Look into the Water

27 Search for the Hatchet

28 Turn the Rudder

29 Steady the Boat

30 Rowing Backward on the Calm Lake

31 Rowing Forward on the Calm Lake

32 Turning the Boat

33 Push the Swing

34 Netting the Fish

These directions are to aid students who wish to practice at home. This second group of exercises using a bamboo or light wooden stick consist of 17 movements which can be performed seated, stationary standing or with footsteps. The instructions for performing the exercises, along with example videos, can be found from the links to each of the 17 exercises above.

The exercises need not be performed in exactly the order above, though this is done in class for convenience and to help the students remember the movements. Neither is it necessary to perform every one of these postures every day.

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