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Jiangan - The Chinese Wand Exercises

The gentle ancient Chinese exercise that fits the Open and Free Access model of learning


Although there are hundreds of "Chinese Wand Exercises", the 17 Exercises Routine contains everything for a comprehensive daily health and fitness workout. It is also easy to learn. Following the ethos practiced by Bruce Johnson in the last century, I encourage people to learn these exercises by themselves or in small groups rather than taking commercial classes, buying DVDs or attending seminars. Practiced each day, the 17 Exercise Routine (traditionally taught by Bruce Johnson) contains a comprehensive range of movements sufficient for the average person's health and fitness needs.

The wand is the only piece of equipment needed, and must be a light strong cylindrical object about 1 inch thick and about 48-50 inches long for the average person. A wooden dowel is adequate, though bamboo poles are traditional. 

Accompanying the descriptive text of each exercise on this page is:

If you require further information the 17 Exercise Routine - including choosing wands - there are two books published on the subject but the important points are listed on Chinese Wand Exercise Blog

1. Stretching the Crane

2. Sunrise & Sunset

3. Peeling the Octopus

4. Twisting the Snake

5. Twitching the Dragon's Tail

6. Bowing

7. Greeting the Traveller

8. Search for the hatchet

9. Horse Stance on a Tightrope

10. The Tiger Springs

11. Rowing

12. The Rocking Bear

13. Tailor's Walk

14. Rolling the Panda

15. Raising the Bird's Wing

16. Dragon Kicks

17. Shoulder Shrugs

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