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Consult the "seated stage" notes in posture 1 regarding sitting / chairs.

Hold the ball as you did with "Parting Wild Horses Mane" on the right side.

Inhale. Then:-

Right Side


When you squash the ball the right palm moves down to the right hip and the left arm, bent, moves up to the centre of the body, the left forearm turns so that the palm faces the chest. You should be able to look at your left palm and wrist. Continue to move the left arm upward slanting to the left turning the forearm away from you, ending up with the forearm slanting across the left side, about 6 - 8 inches away from the forehead as if you are shielding your eyes from the Sun. Simultaneously, having arrived at the right hip after squashing the ball, the right palm turns forwards (facing the left corner) then moves across the body slanting up towards the left, under and beyond the left arm as if pushing an opponent in the chest of face. Your trunk has turned from the right corner to the left corner.


From this position, relax the arms and lower them, the left Palm turning downward and moving back near the left shoulder, the right hand descending turning palm upward so both palms naturally return to hold the ball posture on the left side.

Left Side

You repeat the movements of the right side but mirrored on the left.

Repeat this left-right sequence several times.

Consult the "important points" in exercise one regarding "moving in water".

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Stand with feet at shoulder width and parallel, toes facing directly forward. Legs should be straight with Knees slightly bent.

Perform the torso movements as in the seated stage while keeping the lower half of the body - including the hips - still. Only move the arms and torso.


Refer to the "Small Stepping" directions in the footwork section.


Refer to the "Lunging-Bow" directions in the footwork section


Applying the footwork to the posture:-

Perform the torso movements as in the standing static stage with these additional steps:-

The instructions which follow apply equally to small stepping and lunging bow posture.

As you extend from "holding the ball" posture on the right into the palm strike on the left side, step forward with the left foot. Bring the left foot back under the left hip when you hold the ball on the left side. Step forward with the right foot as you extend from this and perform the palm strike on the right side. Bring the right foot back under the right hip when you perform "hold the ball" posture on the right side.

You step forward with the opposite leg to the side of the palm strike.


Fair Lady Weaves Shuttles posture is taken from the traditional Yang style Tai Chi form.

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